Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What's your favourite plant? - Himalayan balsam

Well, it hammered it down last night and I had a dirty pair of waterproofs, so I reckoned on heading down to the LNR to kill 2-birds with one stone. To my astonishment, both Tricia, Maria and Beau came out to pull up more of our favourite plant, Himalayan balsam.

Speaking of favourites, it is difficult to pull ballsam so much of the time, so we were pleased to be distracted by Beau with her "What's your favourite..." game. So all in all, we pulled a massive area again in 2 hours and learnt alot about each other including T-rex, Bread and The Young Ones.

Beau early on found a giant himalayan balsam at well over 2 meters, but right towards the end Tricia found one which stood over 3 meters tall; what an amazingly adaptable plant. My best find of the day was a milk crate and a football post.

Searching though 2,495 moths on the UK Moths website to find one of the moths we caught on the weekends bug hunt(I started at 1 and eventually found it at number 2,441 [silver y]) has spurned us on to borrow the moth trap on a Friday night in early August to sit down to see what we can catch. This was less enthusiastically approved until food and drink was mentioned. So as soon as we have a date for that it will be on the blog.
Silver y moth (Autographa gamma)
We'll be out next on Thursday evening from 6 pm just passed the burnt oak tree, whatever the weather and it looks like we are approaching the time to bring out the long-handled hooks as very many are in flower now.

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