Sunday, 27 November 2011

27.11.11 Willow coppicing and Bank stabilisation

Six volunteers, including two new volunteers carried on the work start by a group from HSBC as a partner Keep Wales Tidy Event on the LNR. The two new vols, Becky and Ruth, are work colleagues and the latter came out on the LNR on that HSBC workday.

The plan for today was to coppice a few more willow stools, process all the material for either willow bundles or for living stakes. We improved upon the work from last time by making a simple frame for the bundles to be placed upon, which made it easier to pass the wire underneath the bundles.

Willow being dragged the hard way across to the processing area by Beau (watched closely by Mum).

Ruth cutting the willow to length.
Tricia wiring a bundle.

Staking a bundle into place.
Two bundles staked on top of each other to divert water around a downstream beech tree. The water was already being diverted away from the soft bank so this looks good.


Cheers to TCBC Countryside Service for continued support, permission and for purchasing the wire for the fascines.

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