Sunday, 9 June 2013

Next Event, this Thursday 13th June @7pm and some other useful information.

Thursday 13th June at 7 pm, meet Car Park off Birch Grove, NP44 6EP.

Event: Himalayan Balsam pull
Date: Thursday 13th June at 7pm.
Meeting Point: Henllys LNR Car Park

We'll be tackling Himalayan balsam for the first time this year and looking at where we have had success over the last 4 pulling seasons.

Bring gardening gloves if you have them, sturdy good gripped shoes or wellies/waders if going into the stream.

Contact Chris on 07824504813 or for more details or if you are planning on joining us.

The pond is starting to look pretty good regarding pond life, the picture shows a beautiful blue darter dragonfly, which almost met its Waterloo to a sparrow. The lower pond also has tadpoles, late stage, and loads of different types of diving and skating beetles.
There are lots of nice flowers around at the minute to take our minds off the Himalayan balsam which is creeping up in height in many places of the reserve. One such plant is ragged robin, which really enjoys having its feet wet.
There are some places which are recovering very nicely after our previous 4 seasons of pulling the balsam and they are looking pretty good:
The lower streams of the reserve look particularly bad this year and we may concentrate on these sections this year, hopefully with some help from Coed Eva and Henllys Church in Wales Primary Schools and the Henllys Scouts. However, anyone is welcome to come along and either join in with us, or pull some up on your own. Just remember, pull it up cleanly, bend it in half, Chineese burn it and put it in as big a pile as possible.

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