Tuesday, 23 July 2013

More vols out on the pull

10 volunteers came out last night including our youngest ever volunteer at 3 years old to pull up Himalayan balsam on Henllys LNR. The numbers were again swelled by 1st Henllys Scouts and we carried on in the area which we pulled with the scouts a couple of weeks ago. The hot weather has battered the balsam with many plants wilted to the point they can no longer support their height and they collapsed, which made pulling them that little bit harder. even the only stand of Japanese knotweed looked like it had been sprayed with glyphosate, but it was just heavily wilted from the dry ground.

Oliver, one of the scouts and a veteran balsam puller, demonstrated to the 4 new volunteers how to identify, pull up, bend in half, Chinese burn and finally stack the Himalayan balsam. everyone then got really stuck in and we did another good area.
One of the volunteers, Rafe (6) asked me "what I was doing down in the stream?". I said "getting bitten by midges and mosquitos". He followed up quickly with "Is it because you smell?"; fair cop.
Jake (l) and Rafe (r) jump up from behind our balsam pile

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