Friday, 16 August 2013

Over 2 acres of balsam bashed

Don't forget next Volunteer event is Monday 19th Aug at 6pm, meet at the car park of Birch Grove NP44 6EP.....

....I was out today with a local contractor who was flailing more balsam on the LNR today. We pointed out the best places to go and TCBC Ranger Jon and I worked in the gaps between the trees with brushcutters.

Over an acre of balsam and bramble
Tractor mowed it down

Loads of the reserve have been tackled over the last 2 days which were never touched in the past by our group. exciting times. More pictures can be viewed here: . Also met up with Brenda and Anthony and they'd just finished clearing the area north of the reserve on the top field beyond the football pitches spending over 24 volunteer hours doing this; brilliant stuff.

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