Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tidy Wales Week Success and in the papers

Last night saw 5 volunteers pull out 10 bags of litter from Henllys Local Nature Reserve. The pick was part of Keep Wales Tidy's nationwide Tidy Wales Week campaign. Most of the litter was collected from the areas recently flailed by the tractor on the reserve and was mainly found near the hedgeline bordering Henllys Way (i.e. chucked over the hedge). The litterpick lasted around 1.5 hrs and included a mini-tour of the reserve to the 2 newcomers.

Litter along the hedgeline before and after
We dragged all the bags to the other end of the reserve at the car park where TCBC's Street Scene team kindly removed this the next day.

Roller blinds
Chris Partridge from Friends of Henllys LNR said "It is always a good feeling to rid a beautiful site like ours of litter and we are pleased to take part in a much larger project with many other like-minded people across Wales for Tidy Wales Week".

Cllr. Smith-Higgins added "We should consider ourselves very fortunate indeed to have a nature reserve on our doorstep here in Henllys, and extremely lucky to have a group of people who freely give their time to keep it in good order. I was delighted to be able to make a small contribution in time to help out and I would urge others to spare some time as well...litter picking can be quite therapeutic!"

View Tidy WalesWeek Litterpick in a larger map

The team with haul
More pictures from the event can be viewed here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjJh48RA

We were joined by local Henllys Community Council's Cllr. Lawrence Smith-Higgins and a new volunteer Brian. Both came along to the last Friday's consulation on the Welsh Govenment funded Local Authority led Tidy Towns Grant that was recently awarded to the Local Nature Reserve. Their first taste of the grant was wearing a pair of gripper gloves. Previous to this, we all brought our own gloves to events, so this is a great start again for the group. Below shows this week's article in the Pontypool Free Press (please note the telephone number is 07824504813 for getting in touch).

Pontypool Free Press Article (Wed 11th Aug)

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