Sunday, 20 October 2013

Joint event on the LNR with Cardiff Trail Scrubs

The next event on Henllys LNR will take place on Saturday 26th October at 10 am meeting at the Car Park off Birch Grove (NP44 6EP).
We are privileged to be joined by Cardiff Trail Scrubs who are coming to Henllys LNR on their very last community group event. They came out with us just before they formed a couple of years ago and it is apt that they are coming out with us again.
There are multiple activity options depending on the weather conditions including willow coppicing, fascine construction and installation or otter holt construction.
All you need to bring are sturdy footwear and clothing suitable for the conditions.
We have some gloves for adults from the recent WG Tidy Towns Grant, loads of children's gloves from a Keep Wales Tidy Grant. We will also be using loppers from a Keep Wales Tidy Grant and hopefully some saws will have arrived from the WG Tidy Towns Grant.
All training with tools will be given.

ps here is a picture showing our stand of Japanese knotweed just over 2 weeks afer stem injecting it with glyphosate:

There is just one very small stem with green leaves on it which either wasn't injected or injected efficiently. Overall, it has seemed to work really well without damaging nearby vegetation.

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