Friday, 20 December 2013

Finishing off the holt roof and making storm damaged oak branches safe

Today I popped out with TCBC's Woodlands and Education Ranger Jon Howells to finish off Henllys CIW Primary School's otter holt roof and make an oak tree damaged by storms safe.

Firstly we, finished off the holt roof by collecting more brash material from our piles.
Jon dragging brash through the stream
We then added more layers in a perpendicular direction and topped off with some heavier logs.
Holt finished off
Following this we tackled one of the biggest oaks on the reserve who had lost some big branches in the various storms we'd had this year.

Can you spot the broken branches?
Jon used his extending Stihl polesaw which in fore and hindsight was much safer than him trying to climb it in his arb gear. We removed some of the load bearing branches which were keeping the larger branch up in the air. Towards the end they toppled down easily and safely and no longer pose a potential danger to members of the public.

I also had a chance to use the Tidy Towns funded compact camera to record some of it on video and a first attempt of adding some sort of text commentary:

Happy Christmas everyone and we'll have loads of stuff on in the new year.

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