Saturday, 17 March 2012

New information, new board, a school's visit and networking for positivity

Not a bad couple of weeks for us here on the LNR. Following on the tails of our last great event, bolstered timely by volunteers from Cardiff's Trail Scrubs group, we hear our first grant has been successful and soon we will be gaining a new notice board on the LNR. This was a Keep Wales Tidy Grant, which was match funded from CCW. The noticeboard will allow us to communicate events and relay information on the LNR to users to gain more support, understanding and maybe even help for this much used and loved community green space.

In a great move for the LNR, we found out that the Ranger, Jon, will be bringing a class of pupils over to the LNR from Henllys Church in Wales School in the next couple of weeks. The event we planned together will involve digging up some of the oak saplings which have grown up in one part of the LNR and replant them in some other sections. The parent tree has fantastic form and will hopefully help to improve the biodiversity of LNR. I've taken time off from work to lend a hand on this as it is during the school week and we're not normally able to do this crucial kind of activity to help improve the LNR while increasing awareness of what we do and try to achieve. So a big thanks to TCBC's Countryside Section for helping our group here.

 A wise man once said "it is into the sea the river flows". Well, another not so wise philosopher said just now "from a cluster of small tightly packed saplings which will probably die, we will make mighty oaks grow". The children coming down to help our small group will invigorate us, educate and enthuse them and you never know, these trees may even stem the floods that are flowing along the river down to the sea. Live in hope that you can but try.

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