Sunday, 26 August 2012

Balsam Pulling Season Over on Aug 28th

Well, as of Tuesday 28th of August, the Himalayan balsam pulling season will be over. We have pulled huge areas this year with good success. Some areas were virtually clear of balsam, while others which we thought were clear have come back. These areas are generally by the storm drains. In early August we decided to try and tackle the balsam upstream from the reserve and it will be interesting to see if this has had a positive knock on effect for next year. Sadly, there are still huge areas dominated by balsam, and we will desperately seek new volunteers to help us out next year. A rough map of our work for this year is shown below. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring in School's to help next year, which has been such a successful method over in Cardiff. Thank you to everyone who has helped pull it up especially, Maria, Tricia, Beau, Amy, Steve, Brenda, Anthony, Mr. & Mrs. Barnes, Pat and Mum and to those who we do not know about, who leave small piles of balsam here and there.

View Balsam mapping in a larger map
Some pics from this season's pullings.
Pulling by hand

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