Sunday, 26 August 2012

New Information Board

Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Email are all very useful tools, but encouraging local people to take action to actively conserve the local nature reserve that they use and appreciate may be beyond their usefulness. As such we applied for and received funding from Keep Wales Tidy early in 2012 to part fund a notice board which people would walk by and see. The information panel has been really successful since it was put up by Jon, the Ranger, his vols and some of the Friends of Henllys LNR. This is a oak information board, so we thought in keeping with that, we would purchase a wooden notice board. About half the board was funded by TCBC and we put up this board on the reserve with help from Brian, TCBC's the Rights of Way Ranger as Jon was away on Olympics duty with the TA.

Brian and vol getting the legs drilled in place.

Brian had a few vols with him who helped dig the holes for the legs, collect the water for the postcrete and help make sure the board was looking great in its new site.

Finally, I printed off a few information sheets and added a wipe marker board to add information to the board for events etc.

Great news is that we attracted the attention of 2 new volunteers already and during a recent Himalayan balsam pulling session, 2 teenage girls asked us what we were doing and said "Oh, that's that stuff that takes over isn't it, I read about it on the noticeboard". So, it looks like it is very much worth it.

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