Thursday, 10 November 2016

HOT NEWS: We have a Friends of Henllys Local Nature Reserve Logo

Well it has been a long time coming (since 2009) but we are pleased to announce that we have a logo for our group which can be used on a variety of media including on waymarkers to show our involvement in improvements to the Local Nature Reserve, here in Henllys.

We need to say a big thank you to local resident Yvette for her help taking our ethos, aims and ideas and distilling them into something we instantly connected with. Following this, Yvette then produced a full style guide for the branding for our group. We have already now sent off orders for our gazebo through our BLF Celebration grant and our first order of hoodies have been placed with the last of the ASDA grant. As a result, we now have a higher visibility while volunteering on site, or while wandering around town.

Many thanks to ASDA for funding this work through their single use carrier bag charge.
Our main logo
 The concept behind the logo is that we are a voluntary community group who are here to help support the Local Nature Reserve in Henllys. There are a variety of native tree leaves (oak, beech and field maple) and a wildflower where one of the key aims of our work on the LNR is to support and protect native species. The dragonfly reflects the result of our actions where there dragonflies only colonised the LNR after the ponds were added to the mosaic of habitats on the LNR. The apple comes from the orchards which were also planted as a result of our work. The whole icon comes together to form an outline of a tree with our hands supporting the LNR like a tree trunk and its lower branches.
Text part of the logo, bilingual to reflect Wales' cultural heritage

Our waymarker stamp also shows our secondary colour

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