Thursday, 9 June 2011

09.06.11 Wild Weekend for Wales Bird and Dormouse boxes

We met up again for our second event in a week with our usual Thursday evening activity. This week the four of us made three bird boxes and two dormouse boxes. The latter are extremely tricky to make due to 1mm panel pins compared to the massive clout nails that we used on the bird boxes. The panel pins have a great tendency to bend just as you think you have it perfectly in position.

After we finished making the dormouse boxes we talked a bit about dormouse habitat and then placed the two boxes amongst some hazel trees on the LNR. We then camouflaged them with bracken.

Finally we couldn’t resist pulling up more Himalayan balsam.

Same time, 6pm in Henllys LNR Car Park for more balsam bashing (the buds are starting to appear so time is short).

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