Tuesday, 21 June 2011

21.06.11 More Balsam Pulled...Great Strides Made

Tonight we had Steve, who was out walking his dog, Kay and Isobel (who were out walking their dog) and myself pulling up more balsam. Isobel then ran home and grabbed her brother Brandon who only wanted to come out on Thursday for the planned event. Unfortunately, I have to geve a talk in Cardiff on Thursday so we went out today instead.

We started off further up towards the noticeboard today for the first hour.
From Jun 21, 2011 balsam
Following this, we went over to the burnt oak. This was a mass of balsam last year, and was also a mass this year, except around the oak itself. This must have been the edge of the spread last year and we pulled it before seeds were set. However, the area behind the oak was a mass of balsam, intermixes with bracken and bramble. We set on to this with aplomb. Moreover, we were very please to release the crab apple tree, the ash tree and the field maple from the balsam. The other trees in the area which Patricia and I cleared of brambles last year look much healthier this year too.
No organised event this Thursday, but feel free to pick up balsam as you go, or when you stop for a chat with other dog walkers.

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