Thursday, 30 June 2011

30.06.11 Balsam pulling & Sunday's Bug Hunt Event

As a group we have been pulling balsam up for weeks on the LNR. The determination to get the job done is brilliant, dog walkers are pulling it up here and there and tonight we had a record 8 people out altogether (although 1 was more a spectator as sandals were worn by accident; maybe next time!!). Steve was off pulling again with his dog and we had a chat about covering balsam areas to ecrease spread. By 7 pm Tricia and I continued the pulling work undertaken yesterday by Maria, Beau and myself, which in turn continued from Tricia's work on Tuesday of this week. Shortly afterwards, Kim and Brandon were came along with Brndon's brother Conner and a set of grandparents. They all joined in with aplomb and the swollen ranks cleared a huge area which was a great soul-lifter for us.

We also took a photo of another moth which we will try and look up ASAP. NOTE:- It is probably a Common Emerald (Hemithea aestivaria)
Leading on from which is a reminder that this Sunday is a bug Hunt at 11 am meeting in the Car Park. The aim of this is to start recording some of the species that we have in the mosaic of habitats on the LNR. So we have plenty of nets and I'll have my camera with macro lens to take as many photos as possible of the things we can find.

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