Friday, 13 April 2012

Henllys Church in Wales event and thundery weather

By all accounts from Jon the Ranger, I was told the class from Henllys Church in Wales relocated 11 oak trees to other sites across the LNR. The kids had great fun, learned all about this valuable resource with the sad loss of 2 spades (tools aren't what they used to be). Sadly, as I was at work, no photos were taken, so you'll have to use your imagination of what happened, my artists impression is much like my pictionary skills, useless.

The sun and rain we have been not been enjoying over the last few days will be doing wonders for our friend Himalayan balsam and it will not be long until we start coming out and pulling it up. Please remember, if you are a dog walker or user of the LNR, make sure you pull it fully up, bend it in half, then wring it, before placing it on a big pile. Over the years on the LNR, we have found that fewer bigger piles are better than many smaller piles. That is because some of the plants re-root in the pile from nodes, these flower and can cast seeds. You may well see one of us jumping up and down on piles of balsam to try and stop this from occuring. If you want to come along with us, please contact us on

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