Monday, 30 April 2012

30.04.12 Blocked drains, heavy rains & willow gains

After all this rain we have been enjoying, I went down to the LNR today, fully expecting the drain at the far end of the LNR to be blocked and full of twigs. Well, it was, so armed with a mud rake, I unblocked it and moved as much of the wood away from the drain area.

Later, I had a close inspection of the natural fascines made by the Friends Group as well as with HSBC, and they look like they are doing a brilliant job, so hopefully we are safeguarding some of the oldest, if not largest of the trees on the local nature reserve.

Some of the stakes that we cut from living willow are also showing signs of fresh green leaves. Brilliant news.

There are also signs of many thousands of Himalayan balsam coming up all over the place, so we know what is coming up in the next few months.

Another drain was completely blocked and this will form the groups next event, date TBA.

The new noticeboard for events etc will be ordered this week, so hopefully, this will arrive in the non too distant future.

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