Sunday, 30 October 2016

Balsam and Henllys LNR crab apple jelly

15th September 2016

Great contrasting events today. First off, Tricia Davies told me about a patch of Himalayan balsam upstream from the LNR which we hadn't touched yet so with a mixture of scythe and handpulling cleared the area in around 1.5 hours. This was in an area where we reinforced the stream bank with willow fascines and these are still in place with several of the stakes now showing good living willow growth.

Balsam and access
After a quick shower it was back over to Tricia's house to make our Henllys ...LNR crab apple jelly. This is the second year we've made some and could have made twice as much. Any money raised from this will go back into the LNR to pay for things like our insurance or on materials and tools. It was fun making the jelly under the Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate head chef. I was told off twice by Gordon Ramsey herself.

It was really lovely to make something from something we've planted and nurtured as volunteers and as the orchard grows we will only be able to make more produce. Thanks to Asda Cwmbran for a carrier bag grant for the massive jam pan and accessories.

Beautiful colours, fun and tasty too

Henllys LNR Crab Apple Jelly Mk.1

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