Sunday, 30 October 2016

Walkabout with TCBC's Ecologist Steve Williams

May 20th 2016

Occasionally we are delighted to have Steve Williams, TCBC's Ecologist, come out and make sure we are OK and see what is going on. It is always interesting to see what he is stopping down to look at and what he picks up. A proper nature detective.

The first great spot was noticing mud above the hole in a nestbox which last year's Beavers made and camouflage painted. Steve said this was caused by a nuthatch and we have seen them leaving and entering several times this year.

As we passed a dormouse box which was camouflage painted by a local resident's toddler, we had a little look in and there was a blue tit sitting on a nest.

I went back for a walkabout afterwards and saw loads of pretty red and black froghoppers and while waiting to see newts the first broad-bodied chaser stayed still for a lovely pic.

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