Sunday, 30 October 2016

Post-Barclays balsam scout and scythe

10th September 2016

Went out today fully armed with my favourite billhook, Llandeilo pattern, a saw and scythe to tackle more balsam which had regrown/missed after a Barclays team building event and a brushcut event.
My favourite part was climbing up a fallen willow tree to pull up the balsam from above, followed more sensibly by cutting a tunnel into the bramble and willow, crawling along the ground and pulling them down from below.

3.5 hours was spent and 0.85 hectares was covered (blue patch on the map below) and what do I get for thanks: 4 wasp stings. I'm glad I had my fleece on, or it would have been more than that. Making good progress on the balsam, still more to go.

Area in blue done today


Under the willow tree


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