Sunday, 30 October 2016

Natural Buzz. Marking out the areas

23rd October 2016

Well, the four of us dug hard today and removed the Henllys triangle ready for wildflower turf which is arriving next Friday. All of the removed turfs were dug out and wheelbarrowed over to the habitat pile area where we will create a bee bank on the sunny side.

Part the way through we started adding posts into the ground. On the posts we screwed on the A4 marine plywood boards which I prepared yesterday. Some of Henllys Church in Wales Reception class' pollinator cards were stapled to the plywood boards to give a clue to what will be coming next spring. Brian then added sisal rope to the posts to encourage to walk around this patch. We'll keep it fenced off until the flowers are fully established next year.

We are grateful to the Natural Buzz Project for supplying the fenceposts and the wildflower turf for this part of the project which is Welsh Government-funded. The project aims to enhance food sources and habitats for pollinators with associated wellbeing benefits for communities.

Thank you cards from Reception Class...maybe use them to decorate the area???
Backing boards for the pollinator cards
Backing boards cut to A4 and painted green
Digging the "Henllys triangle"
Roped and signed areas

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