Sunday, 30 October 2016

Spanish bluebells hybridising with native ones = all dug up.

May 28th 2016

We had to dig up a load of bluebells yesterday which was really sad. These bluebells were hybrids of our beautiful dainty native bluebells and the invasive non-native Spanish bluebells which are much larger. The Spanish bluebells were garden escapees just behind Glan Rhyd. These hybrids have some of the characteristics of the larger and more upright stems of the Spanish bluebells, but sadly they can also look very similar to our much smaller native ones. To save the integrity of all our native bluebells on the LNR we had to dig them all up over an area of 30m2. Hopefully the rest of the native bluebells on the other 7 hectares of the LNR are now safe.

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