Sunday, 30 October 2016

Cubs protect the orchids

June 6th 2016

As a follow up to the rediscovery of orchids on the meadow (2008 last spotted), we played host to 1st Henllys Cubs to do some meadow work. Part of the group found patches of willow and dig them out which was good going in the hard ground. The willow would eventually grow into maturity and spread across the meadow turning it into Scrubland (which is a natural succession). The wet meadow is the main reason for the LNR and in the absence of cows or sheep, we have to do a lot by hand. Meanwhile another group wandered around looking for the orchids. I found 2 on Sunday and the cubs found 4 altogether. We put a little frame around these to protect them from being trampled by people or dogs. It was a great way to celebrate #volunteersweek.

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