Sunday, 30 October 2016

Natural Buzz Ground prep for bulb planting

9th October 2016

Saturday was all about the Natural Buzz, supporting pollinators. The first part involved getting areas ready for Thursday's Natural Buzz activity where we'll be native bulb and plug planting with Reception then Year 2 from Henllys CIW School.

The first patch was the shady south facing triangle and this needed some serious brushcutting to tackle the encroaching brambles from this entrance to the LNR. As much as possible was raked off into the habitat pile. In this area we will be planting native snowdrops, bluebells and wild garlic or ramsons on Thursday. All three provide nectar for pollinators

The second area behind the football changing rooms is a lovely area which has some wet patches and knapweed. This area was scythed making sure the knapweed seed heads were all empty. Knapweed is great for pollinators especially as it flowers late in the season (male bumblebees particularly like this plant). The thatch was then all raked off to the habitat pile. This area will be planted with native cowslip, primrose and snake's head fritillary on Thursday.

Veg Clearance all onto the brash pile
scything behind the container for the cowslip, primrose and snake's head fritillary planting

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