Sunday, 30 October 2016

Natural Buzz. Wildflower Turf Laying

29th October 2016

The second activity of the day finished off a major part of the Natural Buzz project and involved laying native wildflower turf (from Wildflower Turf).

There were two parts, the first in the Henllys Triangle on ground level and the second on the roof of the container.

After a quick demonstration, Nic, Tricia and Richard cracked on over the next couple of ours completing a beautiful job.

The "Henllys Triangle"
Luckily for the second part, one of our vols, Brian, is a retired fireman and made sure it was all very safe. The first part involved constructing a frame, which we paid for. A tarpaulin was put over the roof, overlaid by overlapping landscape fabric. We used a grapple line to pull up bags of low nutrition soil and tamped it down to a depth of 100 mm. The turf was carefully laid over the soil tucked up just inside the frame. Finally it was given a good soak.

Wildflower turfing the container roof
Back on ground level we tidied up and gave the triangle a good soak too with rainwater collected from a waterbutt.

It looks great, will hopefully look even better next year and we were delighted to wake up to rain today.

The native wildflower turf was from Wildflower Turf and they gave us some great advice as this was the first time we had done this kind of work.

Natural Buzz is a Keep Wales Tidy-run Welsh Government-funded project for the benefit of pollinators and the wellbeing of people.

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