Sunday, 30 October 2016

Torfaen Green Dog Walkers Signs

7th September 2016

The first of our Torfaen Green Dog Walkers signs are up on the entrance frames made with Henllys CIW School. They look great and will hopefully encourage more dog owners to act responsibly by picking up after their dogs and then to put the bags in a bin.

There are some owners who pick up, which is great, but then throw the bags in bushes and this is where we often volunteer and do projects with your or your neighbour's children or grandchildren who are out with the school, beavers or cubs. We brushcut 3 dog poo bags that were in brambles a couple of weeks ago, not only is it disgusting for us, it is also very dangerous to our and children's health, where we could lose our sight and/or limbs as a result of contact with the dog poo.

We urge dog owners to please bag it and bin it. There is a bin in the car park off Birch Grove and on Henllys Way. The QR code shows the locations of the bins and contact information.


In situ.


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