Sunday, 30 October 2016

Some people are just plain lazy and ignorant

2nd October 2016

We put in hundreds of hours each year of our own time to help primary aged children to learn to repect and contribute positively to their local environment and community. This results in over 1000 volunteer hours to be undertaken on #Henllys Local Nature Reserve.

It is deeply sad to have to litterpick the car park, which I had to do this morning of McDonalds, wraps and cigarette butts. It was infuriating to then return early this evening to find 7 fag butts, 2 empty packets of fags and an empty plastic bottle freshly dumped under 2 metres from the bin. If the lazy muppets would have parked the other way, they could have used the bin as a drive by bin. #camerascomingsoon

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