Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bank on Barclays to take the balsam

3rd August 2016

We had our second event with Barclays yesterday tackling Himalayan balsam and cleared another good section.

This was part of our Tesco Bags of Help project where Keep Wales Tidy organise team building sessions for us. These mean we can pull up more areas of balsam than we would be able to tackle ourselves.

We worked alongside the nant y milwr stream in an area which we have pulled and brushcut for the last 5 years. The 8 vols were led by Keep Wales Tidy Monmouthshire's Tom ...Ward-Jackson with Brian and myself helping out.

A splinter group in the afternoon headed into the woods behind the willow coppice and I found a plant which Tom identified as broad-leaved helleborine, which was another first spot for the LNR. The plant was 60 cm high and in an area close to encroaching balsam. Hopefully, another plant which we can protect by removing the invasive non-native species Himalayan balsam.


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