Sunday, 30 October 2016

Natural Buzz a natural expansion of our car park pollinators work

8th October 2016

We've been working on the semi-oval #wildflowerstobe area since January. Within the space of a day we'd been offered a load of soft fruit bushes and a couple of gage trees and the recipient of a Natural Buzz Project which is all about pollinators. We quickly needed to make a move on both of these before the first frost.

Plan of Car Park improvement for pollinators (and people) Yellow and Orange are all due to Natural Buzz funding

We started yesterday's volunteering session with a plan to clear some of the vegetation by the #LNR car park. It is an unwelcoming, unmanaged and messy mass of plants which surrounds our semi-oval #wildflowerstobe area. However, the night before we had a text from a local resident who was offering to bequeath soft fruit bushes to the #LNR. This generous offer fitted in perfectly with our new #NaturalBuzz project which will provide habitats and nectar to support pollinators such as bees, hoverflies and butterflies. The flowers will be great for various pollinators, while the fruit will also be eaten by small mammals, birds and of course for people.

We picked the fruit plants up from the person's garden with help from Steve Chamberlain's trailer. Steve had kindly offered his help today already. We started of by picking the planting sites and cleared them with brushcutter and lawnmower. The holes were dug and plants heeled in.
Later on, we cleared a good chunk of the vegetation and raked it off into a habitat pile. Good progress.

Soft Fruit Area
Vegetation clearance work

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