Sunday, 30 October 2016

Why putting your fish in our ponds is bad for our LNR

June 3rd 2016

Went on a walkabout with a litterpicker and camera this afternoon. Saw a couple of lovely marsh orchids, the first ones I've seen on the LNR for 6 years. Had a wander around to the ponds watching the newts, damselflies and water beetles and noticed that the ragged robbin patch, which is a native plant which loves wet meadows has spread further again this year and looks great (albeit a bit ragged). At the top pond I was saddened to see that someone has released some small fish into the top pond. It is really difficult to try and tell people that introducing non-native species can cause harm. It was only last week we had to dig out bluebells which had hybridised with Spanish bluebells which had "escaped from someone's garden". Introducing any non-native organism into non-park or garden areas like on Henllys Local Nature Reserve can have very serious consequences. We've been spending most of our summers since 2008 removing HImalayan balsam, whcich threatened so much of the LNR. Introducing goldfish into the "wild" is not only illegal, they may well now cause the death of all the frogs which have made been making this pond their home for the last 4 years. 

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