Sunday, 30 October 2016

More balsam up from the LNR

11th August 2016

Out and about again up from the LNR tackling the balsam this evening. Yesterday was largely brushcutting, today was largely pulling up by hand. Pulling is the preferred method, but most of the balsam is growing along the ground rooting in 3-4 places, then it emerges upwards towards the light through the bracken and bramble. Typically, when you pull it, the stem snaps leaving 2 foot of plant on the ground, which then flowers and casts seeds anyway. This is the reason by most ...of the work has been scythed or brushcut.

When the balsam is sparse but visible, it is best to dive in, picking up a few bramble cuts, but this keeps the rest of the vegetation relatively intact especially when the blackberries are starting to ripen.
Anyway, I tackled 63 linear metres of the section this evening with only 85 m to go (see map below).
Good news is that another 1500 calories were burned off in 2.5 hours. I also had another 3 great conversations about the work I was doing and the work we do as a group to maintain and enhance the Local Nature Reserve down the hill.

More to follow tomorrow.


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