Sunday, 30 October 2016

Natural Buzz. Planting with Henllys CIW School Reception Class and Year 2.

13th October 2016

Well what a day. All that hard work cutting the front entrance to the LNR last Friday, Saturday and Sunday really paid off today. We had Ms. Rowland's Reception class this morning, then Ms. Sulway's class this afternoon and we did loads.

The morning class had a quick talk about bees and butterflies and we then got stuck in to planting 450 native bluebell and native snowdrop bulbs by the car park sign. Holes were made in the ground by the grown ups and the 4 year olds (and 1 five year old) took turns to plant their bulb before heeling in the hole. It was amazing to see how quickly they did all the work.

So we'd finished planting bulbs which will provide nectar from Jan-Feb for the snowdrops and Apr-May for the bluebells.

The class did a little video for the Friends, encouraging people to "please pick up after your dogs, as we work here".

After this, we went over to the brash pile and filled up plant pots and ice cream containers with stones, hay, bamboo and seasoned cuttings to make mini-beast hotels and installed them.

In the afternoon, Year 2 came along and planted 500 snake's head fritillary bulbs (flowers Apr-May) and the more delicate 100 wild primrose (Mar-May) and 100 cowslip plug plants (flowers Apr-May).

We had time then to plant 100 wild garlic bulbs right next to the entrance sign.

All of this planting work is for the "Spring zone" part of a Welsh Government funded Natural Buzz project to support pollinators by providing food sources and habitat.

Bulb planting with Reception Class

Habitat boxes with Reception Class

Plants behind the container and flowering times

Plants to the right of the main path and flowering times

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